Dependence Realty Trust is a full-service Residential and Commercial Brokerage specializing in Properties in NY, NJ, CT, DC, MD and VA. Our services include Commercial Tenant/Landlord representation, Commercial Real Estate Sales and Residential Sales.

Paul Ahn

Managing Broker

In a world of online real estate brokerages, Purchasers and Sellers have a plethora of options for representation but Trust is a value that cannot be purchased.

Profit in real estate is not generated by how well you can sell.  Quite the opposite, a good sale is only made good because it was initially a good buy.  Further, income-producing properties are not just the result of good management; they are good buys, as well.  Dependence Realty Trust is committed to find the right properties for our clients to invest in, properties that will produce income for years to come and appreciate significantly over those years.

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